Equipping the saints to serve the Creator together, to know His ways, and to delight in them.

Bondservant Media is a media company intent on using creative media to shine the light of the Creator’s truth. We are on a mission to create high-quality content that will encourage people in the truth of the scriptures.

We will use every form of media within our ability to proclaim the good news of the kingdom of God, and of Christ Jesus our Savior (and coming King), to spread awareness of the righteous ways of the Creator, and to call people out of the darkness of the present age and into the marvelous light of their Maker.

At Bondservant Media, we aim to create and contribute to content that will draw people closer to their Creator, enrich their lives in the practice of their faith, deepen their understanding of the truth, and help them to demonstrate that truth to others.

We hope our content will do just that, and that you will join us in our mission — through your own efforts, your support and your encouragement.

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